Multiply your future opportunities

Job Readiness

Sustainable bilingualism means the ability for our students to work in the language of their choice. Being perfectly bilingual – both in writing and orally – is within reach for every one of our students when it comes to choosing a career:

  • Excellent job prospects locally, nationally and internationally
  • A competitive advantage for our students when seeking employment

English Postsecondary Studies

All of our programs and classes are offered to students seeking a genuine sustainable bilingual education, with the aim of properly preparing them to study in the language of their choice (French or English) after their secondary school studies.

Accordingly, French-language Catholic school graduates have the necessary knowledge to pursue their studies in French and in English.

  • Students registered in an immersion program can be admitted to French-language Catholic schools through an admissions committee.
  • Our English classes (English as a first language) are taught by professionals in the field.
  • We value high-level bilingualism for life!


Many postsecondary institutions offer bursaries specifically for students who wish to pursue a postsecondary education in French. Many Francophone organizations also award bursaries to French-language school graduates. As these bursaries are given in addition to the bursaries for Ontario students as a whole, students from schools in the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence are eligible for extra bursaries.