Benefit from many specialized programs



Hockey Canada Skills Academy

The Hockey Canada Skills Academy gives Csc Providence students the opportunity to develop their ice hockey skills while benefiting from a balance between studies and sport that will allow them to achieve their academic and personal goals.

All Csc Providence secondary schools have met Hockey Canada’s criteria and requirements to obtain accreditation for the purpose of offering the Hockey Canada Skills Academy program.

  • Each student learns to develop their technical and tactical hockey skills from specialized trainers.
  • The program emphasizes the fun and enjoyment in learning, while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle!
  • The program allows students to develop their sense of effort, perseverance, self-discipline, and to enjoy the successes that follow.
  • Through sport and teamwork, the program promotes Catholic values that will be useful for life: self-respect, respect for others, honesty, sportsmanship and health!

International Baccalaureate

This sought-after program gives youth a unique opportunity for personal improvement in a stimulating environment that will definitely bring them to discover new horizons. Students have the opportunity to grow and open up to the world while familiarizing themselves with important current issues in remarkably varied social, historic, cultural and scientific areas of study.

Whether it is their critical thinking or their analytical skills, students are encouraged to develop their communication skills with others who come from diverse cultures and countries.

Accredited and recognized by the International Baccalaureate (IB), Catholic secondary school l’Essor is currently authorized to provide the IB’s Diploma Programme (DP).

Our program:

  • is recognized among many prestigious universities;
  • stands out from other programs offered in Ontario because it is combined with a “Preparatory Program” complementary to the Diploma Programme.

Educational Trips Abroad

This program, which offers many trips abroad, emphasizes education in order to allow students to develop their identity and cultural awareness. It’s also an exciting eye-opening experience of diverse world cultures and the opportunity for students to develop critical thinking.

Complete Immersion in Spanish

This is a unique opportunity to develop critical thinking and analytical skills in an educational setting of new cultures, in an excellent and safe academic environment. This program is also a wonderful opportunity to learn a third language (Spanish), without question an advantage not only in North America, but also globally.

Our program gives the students the opportunity to:

  • discover new ways of life, as well as new customs and traditions;
  • experience life and have exceptional encounters that could lead to lasting friendships and professional opportunities;
  • obtain an additional credit during the summer.

Summer Programs

The Csc Providence does not take time off in the summer! We offer make-up courses, credit courses, a program for the transition from elementary to secondary school (Access to Success), as well as specialized camps (out of province).

Accès Succès: A program for the transition from elementary to secondary school

Students from Grade 8 who are moving into secondary school can take a stimulating transition program with activities in French, easing their social and academic adjustment. The experience gives students the opportunity to get to know their future secondary school, to connect with other Grade 9 students and to feel at ease from the first day of school. Finally, at the end of the program, if students meet the program requirements, they will receive a secondary school credit and, therefore, a head start towards obtaining a secondary school diploma! It is an opportunity not to be missed for Grade 8 students.

Make-up and credit courses

These classes allow students to take sought-after credit courses for personal interest or for a change in academic direction (towards university rather than college, for example). The courses also give students who are lagging behind in the school year the opportunity to earn missing credits towards their secondary school diploma.

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