Achieve academic excellence

For us, academic excellence is a priority

According to the most recent data published by the Government of Ontario on secondary school graduation rates, the Csc Providence ranks 1st among all English and French school boards in Ontario, with a graduation rate of 97%.

This is a graduation rate almost 11% higher than the average for Ontario schools (French, English, Catholic, public) when graduating within five years of starting secondary school.

Teaching quality and school staff commitment

Our staff puts special emphasis on the personalized guidance strategies that it offers to students.

  • Academic development for each student
  • Recognition of progress
  • Identification of intervention requirements
  • Communicating constructive feedback to parents
  • The most rigorous integrated strategic planning

Catholicity and personal development

Our overall pedagogical approach fosters human growth as much as academic excellence. It is for this reason that we put special emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive learning and living environment where students can reach their full spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical potential.


Our schools have a laptop or tablet lending service at their disposal, which gives all students access to an online bulletin board where teaching staff post course notes and the homework schedule, a valuable aid while doing work at home.

Learning aids

Besides its regular program, the school offers an additional after-class support service. Students also benefit from literacy and numeracy refresher courses all through the school year.