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Eligibility Criteria


Our schools are intended for families who want to give their child a French-language Catholic education.

Therefore, one of the child’s parents should be Catholic.

A student from a religious denomination in which the Catholic Church recognizes its baptism practices may be admitted to the Csc Providence.


According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you have the right to register your child in a French-language school if you are:

  • A parent, and citizen of Canada, whose first language learned and still understood is French;
  • A parent, and citizen of Canada, who received their primary school instruction in a French-language school in Canada,
  • A parent, and citizen of Canada, whose child has received or is receiving primary school or secondary school education in a French-language school.

However, if you do not qualify according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Education Act provides that a parent or guardian may ask that a child be admitted by means of an admissions committee from the Conseil scolaire catholique. This is a simple process whereby the members of the administration and the family meet.

NOTE: Students registered in an immersion program may also be admitted to French-language Catholic schools through the admissions committee.

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