It’s possible to travel and earn a credit in under a month during the summer!

The educational trips offered by CSC Providence allow students to progress smoothly at an accelerated pace. These are unique opportunities to earn credit while allowing students to discover new places, have enriching experiences and give meaning to sometimes abstract learning. To provide peace of mind to parents, guardians, students and staff alike, CSC Providence has teamed up with renowned travel agency EF Tours for its experience and expertise.

Three destinations are currently available:

Places are limited, so register now!

Why take part in an educational trip?

With memorable trips and tailored courses, students can earn a credit in under a month during the summer! This stimulating and engaging formula gives students a head start and reduces their workload during the school year. But that’s not all! Educational trips are also an opportunity to:

  • Develop self-confidence by encouraging assertiveness, open-mindedness and building friendships – qualities that will never leave them.
  • Develop fundamental skills, such as learning how to find their way around a foreign city, in the midst of different cultures speaking a foreign language.
  • Broaden cultural horizons and academic prospects by cultivating intellectual curiosity and promoting academic success.
  • Broaden career prospects by sparking a love of travel and an interest in international careers.
  • Develop their Catholicism by visiting its roots, whether in Rome, Montréal or Paris.


This educational bus trip will give students the opportunity to experience the culture and learn the history of three major cities. Students will visit historical and cultural sites, various museums, educational venues and more. They’ll take part in activities and attend shows that will immerse them in the cultural spirit of the city where they’re staying.

The trip includes:

  • Daily breakfast and supper
  • Accommodation with private bathroom
  • Guided tours
  • Basic insurance
  • “Global Travel Protection Plan” coverage
  • Admission to tourist attractions
  • Transportation
  • Tour guide (24 hours per day)
  • Expert local guides
  • Night security guard
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Tips
Cost: $2,444.00

ITALY | 2024

This trip will give students the opportunity to explore northern Italian cuisine and familiarize themselves with its aromas and flavours. Students will study the origins and development of various cultural traditions, as well as learn to cook with ingredients and culinary equipment unique to these cultures, present typical dishes and follow the particular table manners associated with them. The course will also explore the influence of globalization on Canadians’ food choices.

Departure from Toronto airport. If needed, a shuttle service will be available from Woodstock, Chatham-Kent, London and Windsor to Toronto airport.

Find out more about the itinerary >


  • Daily breakfast and supper
  • Accommodation
  • Cooking courses
  • Guided tours
  • Basic insurance
  • “Global Travel Protection Plan” coverage
  • Admission to tourist attractions
  • Transportation
  • Tour guide (24 hours per day)
  • Expert local guides
Cost: $5,064.00

Special offer for parents!

Would you like to share this experience with your child? Good news! For this trip only, parents are invited to join the students! You won’t have to take the course and won’t get school credit, but you can take part in activities to explore the beauty and culture of Italy. To register for this educational trip, you need to speak French.

FRANCE | 2025

It’s official! An educational trip to France is scheduled for July 2025. Students will be able to complete their Grade 11 French course while exploring traditional French culture. The trip includes stops in Paris, Strasbourg, Dijon, Avignon, French Riviera and Lyon. Further details will be determined over the course of this school year.

Share your email address with us and we’ll send the details of the educational trip with you as soon as they’re available.

Travel with peace of mind

To offer the best possible experience, CSC Providence has teamed up with renowned travel agency EF Tours. EF Tours has been in business since 1965 and specializes in organizing trips that help educators and students learn more about tolerance, other world perspectives and themselves. Having begun in its field of expertise with language learning and cultural exchange, the agency now provides immersive, life-changing education for the students who take part in its educational trips.

In addition to its experience and expertise, EF Tours offers peace of mind to parents, guardians, students and staff through, among other things, excellent travel insurance, a pragmatic cancellation policy and a new Covid-19 coverage program.


Le régime mondial d’assurance de voyage « Global Travel Protection Plan » est une couverture individuelle incluse pour chaque participant(e), au-delà de l’assurance de base. Elle inclut :

  • une couverture en cas de maladie ou d’accident;
  • une couverture en cas de bagages perdus;
  • une couverture en cas de l’annulation ou de l’interruption du voyage;
  • l’assistance d’urgence 24/7.

Cancellation policy

Up to 150 days before the departure date: People who sign up for one of our educational trips can cancel their trip for any reason up to 150 days before the departure date. The student will receive a full refund of the money paid to EF Tours, including non-refundable fees and the cost of insurance.

From 1 to 44 days prior to departure: Cancellation less than 44 days prior to departure can only be justified for the following reasons.

  • The Government of Canada issues an “Avoid non-essential travel” or “Avoid all travel” advisory for the region of the destination country.
  • An act of terrorism certified by the Government of Canada occurs in the city of departure or in a city that is an intended destination.
  • Pandemic or epidemic diseases as declared by the World Health Organization or the Government of Canada for a region of a country that is a destination of your EF trip, or a quarantine is required upon your return to your province of residence in Canada.
  • The board or your group leader cancels the trip due to a teachers’ strike, resulting in a complete work stoppage at your school; or a union-led work to order professional action directly affecting your school’s extracurricular activities.

Covid-19 coverage program

If a participant tests positive or requires quarantine due to COVID-19 during their trip, EF Tours will provide or arrange the following, at no additional cost to the traveler, for the duration of the quarantine:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • EF Tours representatives are available to support travellers and coordinate with local authorities on their behalf, if necessary
  • Assistance in connecting with local health care providers
  • Translation services, if needed
  • Communication between the travellers and their family
  • Organization of return flights, based on the existing itinerary, for travellers once authorized to return
  • If the participant is a minor, transport for a parent or guardian will be arranged