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Virtual open house

We are available in this time of pandemic ! 

Due to the current situation, we are not able to offer you our usual in-person events and services, such as our open house event. However, in order for us to meet your needs, it is possible to contact the school administrators, by email or by phone, to ask your questions or request a telephone or a remote meeting. It will be our pleasure to meet with you virtually and answer your questions.

École secondaire catholique E.J. Lajeunesse

  December 9th - 6 p.m.     Connection link: https://youtu.be/o31SSx2AjhE

 Telephone: (519) 972-0071

 Email: esejlajeunesse@cscprovidence.ca

École secondaire catholique Saint-Dominique-Savio

 Telephone: (519) 371-0627

 Email: saintdominiquesavio@cscprovidence.ca

École secondaire catholique de Pain Court

 Telephone: (519) 352-1614

 Email: espaincourt@cscprovidence.ca

École secondaire catholique Saint-Francois-Xavier

 Telephone: (519) 542-1055

 Email: saintfrancoisxavier@cscprovidence.ca

École secondaire catholique l'Essor

 December 10th - 5:45 p.m. in French Connection link : https://meet.google.com/mjn-xmme-fjy

  December 10th - 7 p.m. in English  Connection link : https://meet.google.com/hzv-zzbz-xqz

 Telephone: (519) 735-4115

 Email: eslessor@cscprovidence.ca

École secondaire catholique Mgr-Bruyère

 Telephone: (519) 673-4223

 Email: esmonseigneurbruyere@cscprovidence.ca

École secondaire catholique Notre-Dame

 Telephone: (226) 777-1956

 Email: esnotredame@cscprovidence.ca

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